Certified Organic Boutique Plant.

Wholesale Buyers

Organic is not just "something" we do, it's all we do.

Whether your company requires a full truck load of trim or a couple pallets of subprimals, Open Range Beef is uniquely positioned to provide you with high-end quality Certified Organic Beef products fabricated to your spec.

  • All Meat Products are 100% USDA inspected onsite at Open Range Beef
  • Open Range Beef is a Certified Organic Establishment by Oregon Tilth
  • Authenticity and cattle traceability to birth are strict requirements for Open Range Beef to adhere Certified Organic and Certified Organic Grass Fed labels to each box entering the consumer marketplace
  • "Experience the Difference" of a Certified Organic Boutique Plant

Cattle Producers

Certified Organic and Certified Organic Grass Fed producers of any size are equally important to Open Range Beef.

Open Range Beef values farms where cattle roam freely on grass pastures. Our farmers never use hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

Certified Organic farmers maintain a healthy diet of organic feed and grass for their cattle, never using toxic chemicals.

  • All American raised cattle on Certified Organic Farms
  • Our cattle roam freely on open chemical-free pastures
  • 100% Organic, vegetarian diet (grass, plants, alfalfa)
  • Grain Fed Cattle are fed 100% Organic Grain Feed
  • Open Range Beef cattle never ever receive antibiotics or growth hormones.
  • No hot prods or shocks-Open Range Beef follows a Robust Humane Handling program.